Driving Rain

Inchkinloch, Sutherland, Scotland.

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Looking to the West during rain.

I was recently invited to write an 'End Frame' piece for the on-line magazine On Landscape and chose 'Four trees, Rannoch Moor' 1981 By Fay Godwin. The article should be published sometime next year (2017) (published Jan 2017). During a recent short trip to Sutherland I stopped on the journey home with the work of Fay Godwin in my head and made this photograph.

There is a melancholy in her Scottish landscapes that captures our elemental temperament, shaped by geography, history and weather. The dour Scot is neither an accidental nor mythical conception; Godwin recognised and conveyed this perfectly in her distinguished black and white Scottish landscapes.

Scotland is not just about purple heather and great views!

Camera: Nikon D800

Lens: Nikkor 16 – 35mm f4 at 35mm

ISO: 400

Exposure: f11 1/90 sec. hand held